Summer Fun Page
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This is every one enjoying the COOL POOL this past summer....

Every one is having fun.  Bull terriers love to be with the family and even though some are not so good swimmers.  They just want to be a part of the action.  So you will see some enjoying it and some that were not so sure, so they just relaxed on the floats.  They all begged to get in.  We couldn't resist those faces......Enjoy.


Nino's Turn

He's watching something.

I'm relaxing now.

He spent more time trying to drink the water than anything.

Nina's Turn.

I'm cool now.

I'm thinking about getting in....

There she goes....

I'm crusin' now.

Nika's Turn

She's a deep sea diver.

This is the life.....Dog's Life.

Hey...I'm jumping in!!!

Catch me if you can.

There's no way im getting in there....Bullie Baby Harley

Big Man Taz...was not so sure about all that water.


Think I kind of like it.

Don't bother me...I'm relaxing after a hard days work!!!

This is Harley...He lives in Michigan now.

Ms. Nina again.